Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A handful of buttons

The objects that made my day yesterday...

A shell necklace I made two years ago wrapped around an old coca cola bottle. Because to everyone else these objects would be considered garbage.

The beautiful bracelets by Dinosaur Design a friend forgot at mine.

A pair of Loeffler Randall snake skin shoes I had forgotten I even owned. Because rediscovery is better then something new. It doesn't cost a penny.

Two Nurofen, as I woke up with a headache, which was soon forgotten as I marveled at the tiny print on the little pills.

The rain. Because I didn't feel like sunshine.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tinsel in the chimney

Our christmas morning breakfast guests. Two kissing lorikeets.

The Australian version of Christmas I have yet to fully come to terms with. Myself being a child of transplanted heritage, origins questioned in all countries I hold passports for, I find myself resorting to television for a grounding center during times of crisis. And what crisis am i going through at the moment you may wonder? The holidays of course! I'm sure you are all having a similar pandemic of the Christmas-crazies in the various far off lands I'm imagining you dear readers (if there are indeed any ;o) herald from.

But my point seems to be momentarily diverted, allow me to resume!

What I am referring to is the Australian Christmas lunch that seems to involve a great excess of liquor, yelling at the neighbors & family while wishing complete strangers a merry christmas, and generally collecting a nice little hangover somehow necessary for the crowded boxing day sales to come. So what is it about this that I don't seem to understand (a fairly normal occurrence in your household maybe?)? Well its the fact that having never experienced a tinseled & bobbled tree myself (jewish father, converted christian mother, Agnostic by choice) I find these christmassy occurrences impossible to coincide with images of smiling (although comically corrupt) families exchanging gifts & becoming even more witty as eggnog flows on TV. Or maybe I've simply (finally) been brainwashed by my mother who really truly believes all Australians drink too much. (My "reality meter" has been on the fritz for some time needless to say). So by the end of the holiday season my mind is left miffed & muffed & generally quite muddled, wondering what all the fuss & bad decorations was about to begin with!

Ah, but relax. It is over, the gentle lull of daily rhythms return without that "here comes Santa Claus" bullshit reverberating in my skull. Deep breath.

But since I'm a hypocrite in the best sense of the word, I'll mention now I spent this internationally celebrated birthday of the western worlds savior sipping bubbly with a dear friend of mine enjoying a splendid lunch! Magnifique!!!

bis bis x

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Treasure Chest of Food

I've always found Japanese culture most fascinating, & was inspired today to create an ode to the Japanese way of life with a traditional bento box lunch.

Left hand comparment: sushi-nori wrapped around smoked salmon & rice with avocado, egg wrapped around Japanese spinach with kecap manis (sweet soy sauce),

Far back right compartment: onigiri (rice ball) filled with pickled apricot & sprinkled with green onion & sesame & grape tomatoes.

Middle right compartment: sushi-cooked tuna, avocado, carrot cucumber, & rice wrapped in nori, with a side of sliced cucumber & wasabi.

Front right compartment: sliced & fried bok-choy & asparagus in sesame oil & soy sauce, & cooked pumpkin with a honey sesame dressing

I also made one for my brother, his consists of much of the same plus a hard boiled egg, pickled onions & salad.

The colours just seemed so cheerful, they made my day, & I had such fun making them!

ex oh