Thursday, August 19, 2010


As I prepare myself for sleep,
Count to five,
My eyelids drop,
I realise my heart does weep.

For these eyes that sleep now do claim,
Did not see you since yesterday,
They did not view; Your smile so rich,
Your eyes so warm,
and your lips so tender.

So what am I to do in these late hours of slumber?,
But dream; Of your hands on my skin,
Your breath on my cheek,
And the soft words 'I love you' on my ears.

So I drift so peacefully in memories of
Past realities,
Into slumbers waiting arms,
Accompanied by visions so blissful,
I wish to dream of nothing more,
But our reality.


I know the trees do quake and shiver,
Their leaves silent in their wake,
As they gaze in idle and await,
For the glowing moment on my screen does appear an image,
For a wish to embrace.

So time ticks on and I grow strong,
For a heart is my only want till dawn,
So here I'll wait for the time,
When you emerge from your life afar,
To spend some time with the girl across the sea.

Green eyes affixed to the screen,
Silent gaze in eager pain,
For moments,
For words exchange.

So love and trees sit,
Quiet in the night,
For your return and your care.