Monday, September 13, 2010

the australian country

the countryside,
its a little burnt,
hot and dry,
tall trees,
in yesterdays sun,
the grass glows,
as it grows,
in yesterdays sun.
the sandy plains,
cultivated with pain,
to grow the crops,
all praise,
in yesterdays sun.

Photos taken by me in the Hunter Valley. One of Australia's wine plains.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


You woke up early today, but the sky was grey, & the air was muggy, & the clouds foretold a storm was coming. Which suited you fine, you felt like a storm today, lightning & thunder can be very good friends in the right measure. But to escape the heat in the air you decided to go for a swim in the ocean. The water was greedy & swallowed you up quickly, but you didnt mind, it felt so natural to be part of the sea. So you swam farther & farther out, till the coast seemed like a sliver floating on the horizon. When you'd swam out very far, you decided you wanted to swim deeper, so you dove into the depth of blue surrounding you. You swam down till your ears hurt from the pressure & you had no breath in your lungs. Then you turned yourself around and started swimming up to the glittering surface. But wait, something is pulling you down! You look at your foot & a sneaky piece of seaweed has wrapped itself around your ankle. You reach down & try to untangle yourself, but the more you struggle the more tangled you become. You look around into the beautiful blue water & try to think of an escape, your lungs are hurting & you want to take a breath. Just then, out the corner of your eye, you see a flicker of movement. You turn to stare a glorious fish. It's bigger then you, and its scales glow & shine a colour you've never seen before, no man or woman has ever seen such iridescence. Its eyes are deep and dark, you can see it is a very old and wise fish. Then it opens its mouth and you hear the fish ask you in a language you've never heard before but still understand;
"Tell me man in my ocean, I have seen many of your kind trapped here in my watery blue, but there is something different about you. Although you may die today your heart still glows bright & your eyes hide a smile. What is it that does this with you?"
And you reply in the same language;
"I have lived my life the best I can, & if it is my time then my soul will always live here in the ocean, but my eyes will live in the heavens and my heart will go to a girl across the sea, and whatever will be, will be."
The fish blinks its eyes and flicks its tail, and says;
"Man in my ocean, i wish to make a gift to thee."
The fish pulls out one of its beautiful glowing scales & hands it to you. The scale shivers and shrinks and you feel it become part of your own skin. Suddenly your lungs no longer burn, you feel the water pass by your skin differently. You feel like you are indeed breathing without air. The wise fish says;
"This is my gift, use it wisely. Breath & love the sea as I have. Take care man in my ocean. You are now part of me."
And with nothing more, the fish disappears as fast as he first appeared. And you float in the sea that no longer feels like a sea, in water you can now breath. The seaweed releases your ankle & you start swimming back to shore without the need to surface. You swim very fast, but you didnt get back till well after eight. You step onto the beach, & you already miss the ocean. You want to call you girl across the water and tell her about the magical fish & how you can now breath underwater. But you know she is asleep, so you decide to tell her tomorrow, & head back to your cabin, number 16, so you can change & go to eat dinner.