Sunday, November 29, 2009

The cost of me

I'm going on a trip to Thailand in late January. My father payed for the insurance.
In summary:
Amendment or Cancellation Costs: $Unlimited
Additional Expenses: $Unlimited
Personal Liability: $2,500,000
Accidental Death: $25,000

Whatever happened to being "priceless?"

I also feel I must somehow acknowledge his kind gesture of buying the insurance by injuring myself & making good use of it. hmmm


Today I actually took time to look at a monument I have walked by nearly every day to & from the bus stop. It is a war memorial acknowledging soldiers of wars gone by. The location of the war is listed above, and the date below.
There is one set of brass letters that are shinier than the rest. They read: "Iraq. 2005"

The only problem with this memorial is the wars are unevenly spaced in relation to one another, and there is a large quantity of unused space.
These spaces are saved to acknowledge the deaths of those in the wars yet to come.

I suppose they are just being practical.


I finally found a grocery store that carries Coca-cola in the old glass bottles (been looking for quite literally years). The entire time I was drinking it I just kept thinking "so this is how traveling back in time would feel!"

I've saved the bottle. Washed it. Then buried it in the back yard. This is so it may 'age.'

I want it to appear authentic when I put wild flowers in it.

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