Thursday, December 10, 2009

Treasure Chest of Food

I've always found Japanese culture most fascinating, & was inspired today to create an ode to the Japanese way of life with a traditional bento box lunch.

Left hand comparment: sushi-nori wrapped around smoked salmon & rice with avocado, egg wrapped around Japanese spinach with kecap manis (sweet soy sauce),

Far back right compartment: onigiri (rice ball) filled with pickled apricot & sprinkled with green onion & sesame & grape tomatoes.

Middle right compartment: sushi-cooked tuna, avocado, carrot cucumber, & rice wrapped in nori, with a side of sliced cucumber & wasabi.

Front right compartment: sliced & fried bok-choy & asparagus in sesame oil & soy sauce, & cooked pumpkin with a honey sesame dressing

I also made one for my brother, his consists of much of the same plus a hard boiled egg, pickled onions & salad.

The colours just seemed so cheerful, they made my day, & I had such fun making them!

ex oh

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