Friday, August 14, 2009

I wish there was a circus in my cereal.

These are some photo's of mine that have had a quick tour of photoshop.
Bon appetite.

Thoughts & memories that fell out of my ear these past few days...


Sudden strange feeling of love for all mankind, even my enemies. Thought accompanying loving feeling: "I wonder if this is how my puppy dog, or buddah feels?" Next thought: "Or maybe this is why people join religious cults?"
Two hours later. Feeling passes.
"Maybe I should join a religious cult?"



The best nights sleep I've ever had was when I slept in my tree house. This also was the worst wake up, as there was a spider hanging over my head.


I learned the other day why it is that babies like to play peekaboo. They don't have what is known as "object permanence" (scientific term, ooh). This means they don't understand that just because they cannot see something it can carry on existing. i.e. I can't see you, therefore you don't exist. Apparently 'I can't see you, but you can still exist' doesn't kick in till about two. Egotistic?



Questionable reasons as to why my friends tolerate me:

Me: "I saw the best music the other day!"

Friend: "You can't see music."

Me: "Oh, guess not. But I can drink food! When I had a tooth removed and couldn't chew anything I put spaghetti in the blender."

Friend: (sarcastic tone) "Really, how was it?"

Me: "I've had better."

(I don't think they knew I wasn't joking, I really did put spaghetti in the blender. Tasted terrible)


Mission for this week: Make a funny face at a passing motorist from the safety of public transport, preferably the back of the bus.

ex oh

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