Monday, August 3, 2009

Day dreaming at waters edge...

Water Nymphs
Little wavelets beckon me,
'Come, come play with me,
Come, come beneath the sea,'

And on the surface,

In rippled lines, and shadowed greenery,

I could see their plea,

Sincere calling up to me.

Their eyes hued midnight deep,

Touched only briefly by sunlight stroke,

Which turned their gaze mirror bright

As they chanted;

'Come, come and play with me

Beneath the sea;

Leave your shoes on the shore,

You wont need them anymore,

If you play with me!'

With no hesitation, pause or wait,

Abandoned shoes neat and straight,

Waters edge still beckoning me,

And my feet on sanded surface,

Warmed, suns kindly touch.

The wavelets did start lapping,

Tugging greedily, at my feet,

'There, there' coaxed the waves,

Sweetly, almost needingly,

'Almost ready to play with me'

In murmured tones, did sing as one

'Beside your shoes, on sandy bank,

Your heartaches leave behind,

Your fretted, wounded, dark thoughts must stay,

You wont need them to play

In our azure hideaway!'

And so on the waters verge,

In lines of thrice,

I lay each worrying, shaming vice.

Plain as beach wood they did now appear,

Harmless, wordless simply lying there.

Five steps away, with stifled shudder,

From feared beach wood I did move,

Toward encroaching ocean, eagerness,

And in softened whispers I nearly missed,

'There, there' hummed the waves,

Their rippled surface ever appealing, forever enchanting.

With lilt and laugh they called again;

'Come, come and play beneath the sea,

Come and play with me!'

With unbolted glee unfurling within me,

Rushing forth, plunging,

Joyously beneath the sea!

And tumbling, turning, tossing,

A thousand hands did catch me, and cheer;

'You're here, you're here!

To play forever beneath the sea!'

Their murmured whispers fill my ears,

Eyes, my nose,

Bathed in their cooled hushing glow,

Further, deeper, farther I go,

Edges and boarders blur,

Separate no more,

I joined the lapping at the shore,

In tandem time passes,

Caressing sands,

In moons soft pull, seasons passing.

My voice now echoed theirs,

In tiny ripples calling,

Singing our melody forevermore,

To bathers coming to the foreshore,
We called ever so sweetly;

'Come, come, and play with me,

Come and play beneath the sea!'

(wrote this 25.05.09)
hope you like it!

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