Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Waiter, there are clouds in my soup!"

Over the years I've there have been a few people who have told me I have 'cloudy eyes.' This is not in reference to the Native American saying of 'cloud eyed children,' describing children who have been emotionally scarred having seen death too young, or anything literal, like cataracts. It is said to me in the sense that I will often carry with me a hazed look, like I'm not actually 'seeing' anything through my own eyes. Please don't mistake this look for deep concentration or a paranormal sixth sense, I am in fact not really seeing anything that clearly. This is due to the fact that I rather rarely wear my glasses, and although I've tried contacts I've found them such a horrible experience it will be years before I go near them again. And while my friends will sometimes get annoyed at having to read a high menu to me, or I wont know what buss is coming until its right at the stop, it is actually a very liberating thing. I've never had to go out of my way to avoid an ex at a party or been obsessed with a dirty mark high on the wall where it can't be cleaned, or even noticed that sleazy cretin across the club trying to get my attention, all these things I simply don't see. I'm left to my own hazed world, like the soft focus cameras of yesterday Hollywood blurring the edges of the young starlets closeups, the worlds a gentler place in soft focus. I'm allowed to focus on the larger picture, I'll always looking at scenery with and then without my glasses, it takes on a whole different slant, it seems like even angles of light shift to give a whole new perspective. It feels like I have two versions of the world to look at, one where I see it as it really is, and the other just a more blurry version where I can simply choose to focus on the lighter and cheerier aspects. And while some may argue semi blindness is a form of ignorance, and ignorance is a twisted sort of bliss, I'd probably have to concede and agree with them.... but I still wont wear my glasses.


Photos from moving cars, I have to say I end up really liking many of them. What did they do before cars were invented to take photos from... oh wait, camera's in those times were big clunky thing...

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