Friday, August 14, 2009

If you'd asked.


Me: "I've kept nearly every tag and price tag from almost all the clothing I've ever bought."

Sister: "Really? What are you going to do with all of them?

Me: "Add them up one day and cry."


Friend: "I cant remember what I did last weekend."

Me: "That sucks. Hope it wasn't anything to bad."

Friend: "I guess I'll have to wait until I die to find out"

Me: "What! How would that help!?"

Friend: "My whole life will flash before my eyes, fill in all the blanks."


Fiction is the kinder sister to reality.

If you'd asked.
If you'd asked, I would have told you.
I'd have answered all your questions.
If you'd asked how much I loved you, I would have tried to tell you, and gone hoarse with the effort.
If you'd asked me what your smile meant to me , I'd have told you I set my day by it, my week by your laugh, and my months by your touch.
If you'd asked me why I loved you, I would have rambled off a list of all your gifts, your quirks, even your bad habits. I would have given you a poem, a song, a thousand kisses to tell you why I loved you; and finished it all with a smile and "just because."
If you'd asked if I thought we were forever, I'd have told you forever wouldn't be long enough for me.
If you'd asked if you could hold me while I cried, danced with me during joy, and lay contentedly next to me during peace, I'd have told you I would want for nothing more.
If you'd asked me what was wrong, I would have told you I wanted to tell you how much I cared for you.
If you'd seen my tears as the door closed, you would have realised all the things you forgot to to ask.
If you'd asked.
I would have told you.

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