Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Questionable Side of Blogging

Recently read a slightly 'down in the dumps' toned post of Susie Bubbles (Style Bubble) & then read the some of the story behind it at:

And I have to say: wow, I did not see that coming.

The fashion industry has always reminded me of a junior girls high school, full of silent exclusion, high strung egos and deluded 'it' girls. And as I was tippy tappying away at my computer visiting various blogs and starting my own, I found myself wondering why these prissy Pre-Madona's weren't running a-muck in the virtual world, posting snide comments with seemingly clever double meanings, especially when it came to fashion blogs. I remember thinking 'surely not everyone blogging was sweet and left equally sweet comments on everyone's posts?' Well now I know the ugly truth, you don't know who's checking out whoms blogging until someone is rubbed the wrong way, and out comes the claws.

Now don't misunderstand me, I'm not condemning any one involved in that unfortunate little tiff, for this one I'm staying firmly on the fence, since, in my usual manner I find myself understanding and feeling empathy for both sides, I'm just rather surprised. I've always been a firm believer that people should 'think what you like, and choose to say whatever you think.' However, these days with the phenomena of instant blogging informing the world of every opinion you've ever had, people are forgetting to "choose" which thought to share and which should be kept back. If you have a strong opinion about something, go right ahead and voice it, but maybe before you hit that final 'publish' button just take 5seconds to consider why you are posting whatever you are posting, and then another 5 just to think of the impact of such a post. If your answers to these questions have strange, questionable or even malicious motives, maybe you should reconsider what you are posting.

It has been somewhat disappointing that fashion blogging has come out a bit more battered then most, especially since their are some really great fashion blogs out there, and not all are made by, and for, "bubble heads." Although if I ever start turning into, as they say; 'bubble heads,' I hope someone who genuinely cares about me will take me aside, and in soft tones and gentle words inform me I need to get my head on straight. I really don't ever want to be informed by a complete stranger, who in actuality is really not posting constructive criticism, but merely enjoying systematical and cruel degradation of their fellow human being.

If you are reading this and find you disagree, well that's fine, you have an opinion of your own and you are more than welcome to stop reading. But in my ten seconds before hitting 'publish' I considered why I'm posting this and the impacts of this post. The 'why' here is I needed to personally make peace with some of my own opinions and problems with blogging. The impact I'm hoping to achieve here is to offer readers a written invitation to stop reading my blog if they don't like it, but more importantly that the next time they post or comment on something to just consider their own motivations and impact, and then maybe this whole phenomena of blogging won't go down in a flaming torrent of unfocused and unnecessary cruel words.


Since I don't want to end on such a depressing note, here's a picture of my puppy dog.

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